Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Dark Knight Rises

. the photo is taken from google. Story of a batman who saved the city but then accused as the killer of mayor in Ghottam. Actually at the end of the story, it is explained that the mayor didn’t die. He just in recovering term and due to some reason that must be hidden from public. “One day you may face such a moment of crisis, and that moment I hope you find a friend like I did, ” said the Mayor to Blake (Robin) who sees in TV the truth that during the time people was thought that Batman (Bruce Wayne) was the killer of the major. And the friend that the Major means was Batman, who was willing to be called as the killer during his life. The conflict is that the coming of Bane, the one that is very strong which tried to take control of the city by doing such kind of terrorism by trying to explode an atomic bomb to the city. What he wanted that the city is lost, the people is die. He wanted to revenge of the injustice that he thought he was endured. The one that people thought is those who run from a jail that every people couldn’t get out, but he did when he was child. At the end of the story, it is told that the one behind it all is Miranda Rate, the women that inherited Wayne’s institute and acting as good people at the beginning, and surprisingly, she was the child that runs from the jail, and she tried to kill Wayne when fighting with Bane who is the safer of Miranda. Miranda is the one who wants to take revenge of his father. But then when the crisis condition of the city, Batman appeared and help the people of the city with the help of a smart and strong woman. “You don’t owe this people anymore, you’ve given them everything,” she said to pursue him to go back because she thinks that the condition was very impossible to solve. “No, I am not giving them everything yet,” he replied and goes. And the end of the story, the city of Ghottam can be saved by batman through bringing the atomic bomb into the center of the sea, which didn’t harm the city, but it also means that Wayne gone with the bomb. “I see a beautiful city, and brilliant people. Raising from the immersed. I see life for which I lied up my life. Peaceful, useful, prosperous, and happy. I see that I hold a sanctuary of their heart which is lost. The continuing generation. It is hard, hard to do then I have ever done. It is very far, far for a rest than the place I have ever gone. ” the letter that he wrote.


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