Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Motivation Letter for MCHNDO

Being one of those people come from remote area in my town did not make me feel lower than others. Precisely, it motivates me to be better, to be one of those that must be useful at least for my village. Even though, I have no father to help me with, because he has passed away. I still have a mother that is very strong. She keeps fighting on growing me with seven siblings and encouraging us to continue our study. Realizing that, I study hard, I try hard to continue my study, and facing that all, I must be patient, positive thinking, hard-working, high spirit, strong and high motivation. One of my biggest dreams is to go abroad. I dreamt this dream since i was in senior high school. My English teacher often asks me to have a high dream and motivation. She told me that I had a long journey in my life ,I should use my time wisely. Then I came to Mataram University, I passed to English department. Here, I found my dream to go abroad is getting higher and higher. Most of the lecturers are those graduated from overseas. They told us about their experiences, their life, theirs motivation, their spirit and everything about foreign. It lead my motivation was going to burst. Not only the lecturers, but the students as well. I often saw and share to those who participate on students exchange and also scholarship. Our senior told us that lots of students of Mataram University, especially English has lots of chance to achieve that. What need to have is self confident and commitment. Then i try to follow those chance; students exchange and scholarship. At 2011, I apply for IELSP, SUSI religion programme, and in 2012 I also apply for SUSI media journalism programme. Unfortunately, I lose. I did fail for all of them. When I saw those people who win that chance, in the deepest of my heart, I feel mad, I envy to them. My heart shouted “why shouldn’t i?”.But then I realized that this is my fate. What need to do is keep trying and trying and never give up. The most important reason why I want to go abroad is I want to prove to my society that living in a village doesn’t mean that we cannot have an achievement. We are the same like those city people. The paradigm that is spread in my village is that people don’t need to go to school, they believe that it wouldn’t make a sense, just spend their money, they would better to go to work, even just being a laborer. I was very sad with the condition, I want to prove that even I am woman, I can do that, I am able to have an achievement. I do really want to change them (at least their paradigm) and motivate them that we can be better by going to school. I do believe that there are lots of people have the same paradigm, and I hope, this camp experiance can inspire them. Not only that things. When I go to internet stations or reading a geographic book, I was very enthusiastic to find about countries; their history, politics, lifestyle, people, economic, and their cultures. And I dreamt one day I can go there and share with them. Indonesia International Work Camp, whose aim to Support and follow up the World Heritage Volunteers program, Promoting and introducing international voluntary service as an initiative of youth volunteers, Increase the contribution by the youth and voluntary service organizations to World Heritage promotion and preservation, is the events that suit me well. As the president council in Mataram University in 2013, I have obligation to inform and to realize them about world heritage in all aspect, especially politics. I hope I can improve myself better, knowing and understanding how to take care of our heritage, and return from that program, I will make a community in which to introduce people, especially in my region, and to realize them about our heritage through seminar, competition, and people empowerment.


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